Applying Web To Your Business

I have been using for many years to search for local businesses. It is a pretty decent search service especially when you are away from the internet - you can just call up the number and they will sms you the required information. However, if you were to use the internet, I prefer Google Local Search.

For example: You wanted to get a list of pre schools in the national capital region, would give you instant result of Pre schools and websites which contain a comprehensive list of pre-schools etc with location maps and and phone numbers.

This makes your life so much simpler. I personally like the way the content is placed and the location map support. the famous web 2.0 directory now has an Indian Edition. It will be highlighting web 2.0 applications from India and Indians across the world.

Its grown to become India's most well organized list of web apps and startups.

Peerless Group of Hotels

studio NetSouls rejigs the web identity of Peerless Group of Hotels, India

The Peerless Group of Hotels is a family of Hotels and Resorts spread across Kolkata, Durgapur, Port Blair (Andaman) & Mukutmonipur - The four destinations of enchanting hospitality and cheerful service.


This project was done for our client HVS Web Strategies

Today i stumbled upon a very good article on embedding documents, objects or videos in blog.

How to Embed Almost Anything in your Website from Digital Inspiration

Worth a read.

Happy New Year 2009

Wishing everybody a very happy and prosperous 2009!

Ask about quality, and then about the price
Offshore development is often synonymous with cutting costs. But the objective of cutting costs should not in any way result in selection of an outsourcing partner who might compromise on quality. studio NETSOULS is committed to provide maximum quality, at relatively low costs. More...

studio Netsouls completes the development of the website for HICSA 2009.

The website this time gives better opportunities for business meeting and networking opportunities than ever before, proud to present HICSA Live Wire.

This powerful online portal will give the HICSA 2009 delegates the ability to do the deals and meet the most influential decision makers by facilitating meetings with other delegates, speakers or sponsors via our live networking tool.


PhaseOne Trials

studio Netsouls completes the design and development of a multi-lingual website with a complete content management system for PhaseOne Trails, Denmark.

About PhaseOne Trials
PhaseOneTrials A/S is a Danish Contract Research Organization (CRO) that conducts highly specialized clinical phase I trials and early phase II trials of new drug candidates.

Phase I trials include studies in which a new drug is tested for the first time in healthy humans - also known as "First-in-Man" studies. Early phase II studies, or "Proof-of-Concept" studies, include testing a drug in small groups of patients to determine whether the drug has the desired effects on a given disease.

PhaseOneTrials specializes in conducting complicated studies which are tailor-made to each customer's specific requirements. This customized process ensures optimal study results, based on data of the highest quality.


The software development methodology does not change, whether the development is done domestically in the United States, Europe or any other part of the world.

Our team works with an industry standard software development methodology. You will be in direct communication with the project manager who will track your project through all the phases of development, from needs analysis, requirements documentation, prototyping, development, testing, release, business practice integration and support.

The work will be done in our offshore office, but through the power of the Internet and through our very strong communication skills, it will feel as though we were working right in your facility.More...

Some coding standards and practices that we follow in our development methodology. More...

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